Ep #38 – How to Set up a Successful Hustle

Tracey Nguyen

Ep #38 – How to Set up a Successful Hustle

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In this episode, I interview boss babe Tracey Nguyen, founder of BOWO Creative on how to set up a successful hustle.

“Tracey Nguyen is a Toronto based lifestyle and beauty influencer turned social media & business coach. As a coach, she helps women find their authentic brand and create an impact with their voice while building a profitable empire of their dream and focusing on inner worth. She has helped many women and female entrepreneurs to quadruple their income with her 3 months Build Your Boss Brand program (buildyourbossbrand.com). Tracey is also a founder and CEO of BOWO Creative, a digital & social media management agency whose focus lays on empowering and assisting female entrepreneurs to grow their brand and use social media to convert to real clients and increase their revenue (bowocreative.com).
Leaving her home country to come to Canada at the age of 16 and then leaving her good pay corporate job to pursue her career in network marketing for 6 years and once again, leaving the network marketing industry while being some of the top producers in her organization to build an almost 6 figure business from 0 in less than a year, Tracey has grown to believe and continues to encourage all women to always have trust in their gut feelings, live their own truth and stay true with their authenticity & integrity.”
Here are the questions that we explore during the interview.

1) Besides what I told the audience from your bio, tell us a bit more about who you are and what you do.

2) What do you think was the most difficult struggles in your journey so far?

3) What are some of the wrong impressions people get about you by just looking at your social media pages?

4) How do you think people can use social media to really do something useful?

5) Nowadays everyone wants a side hustle. Living expenses in Toronto are very high to manage with one income, so having something on the side has become the trend. And also Millenials don’t want to be stuck in an office for the rest of their lives. What do you think are some good hustles to set up that will lead to success? Any ideas or suggestions you can give the listeners?

6) Can you explain few important rules to set up a successful hustle? What are some of the MUST DOs?

7) What do you think is the secret to your success?

8) What is the BluntTRUTH you want to leave the audience with?

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