Ep #39 – How To Identify Your Target Audience

Ep #39 – How To Identify Your Target Audience

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In this episode, my guest Ameya Juvekar, Managing Director of Scaleup42.com explains how to identify your target audience.  It is very crucial for every entrepreneur to understand their customer and deliver a service that appeals to that client.  Many businesses fail without studying their target audience or by failing to evolve with their target audience over the years. Here are the questions I ask Ameya about this topic.

1) Let’s start with something fun.  Ameya can you identify the target audience for Sumu Sathi brand or BluntTRUTH show?

2) What common mistakes are made in a business when the target audience is not identified?

3) Are you able to make some suggestions on how to identify your target audience?

4) Can you give us examples of big companies and identify their target audience?

5) Let’s discuss Amazon’s target audience

6) What are your thoughts on some companies that have shut down their physical stores because they couldn’t evolve with their target audience who went online?

Ameya Juvekar has recently launched a Growth Consulting and Development firm for Small and Mid-sized businesses. Prior to starting his newest venture, Ameya has worked with organizations like JP Morgan Chase and Toronto Star. With Toronto Star, Ameya has played various roles like New Venture Acquisition Analyst and Revenue Management Strategist. Ameya is highly passionate about solving business problems using human-centered design approach, data analysis and customer-first mindset. He is highly passionate about facilitating growth for small businesses that serve local markets and aspire to go global.

When he is not engaged in passionate conversations with his clients, he coaches and leads his cricket team Agile Devils, who will be recruiting women players for 2020 season, if any on in audience is interested :). He loves to read about Behavioural Economics, new marketing technologies and data science. He also practices yoga and meditation.

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