BluntTRUTH for BIG Girls

BluntTRUTH for BIG Girls

150 150 BluntTRUTH by Sumu Sathi

This episode adds to the article Am I Pretty for a BIG Girl?

I discuss the three main struggles that I overcame as a BIG Girl.

  1. One was being denied of opportunities in the fashion & entertainment industry, so I had to create my own.
  2. Second struggle was not fitting into the typical ‘brown girl’ body standards when it came to dating, so I felt undesired. But I was looking for love in the wrong places 🙂
  3. Third was learning how to accept my body and embrace it by realizing what “healthy” means to me.

Every BIG girl is body shamed in many ways that you cannot imagine and people do not realize how much it impacts someone’s mental health.  I am not advocating for people to live an unhealthy lifestyle, but to embrace your journey to a healthier body instead of being ashamed of it.

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