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How to be a #BadAss Entrepreneur?

How to be a #BadAss Entrepreneur?   Have you wondered why some entrepreneurs just kill it and some are just so boring and no one knows about them?  Let me clarify what I mean by a #badass entrepreneur before I get into the details.   Definition of a #badass entrepreneur: An entrepreneur who inspires others…

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Am I Pretty for a BIG Girl?

A few years ago, I was teaching a sold-out Indian modern dance class at the local yoga studio in Toronto. Everyone had an amazing time, and I felt fantastic as an instructor. It was then a brown aunty walked up to me and said, “You are such a good dancer. I can’t believe you are…

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Office Romance – Hot or Risky?

Oh, the office romance. Why do these secretive, clandestine love affairs seem so appealing on the outset? I argue that it’s the risk involved that makes it so tempting. Keeping something secret seems sexy and mysterious, at least in the beginning. It all goes back to the forbidden fruit. When we are told that we…

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