Ep #15 – How to Boost Your Energy with Simple Steps

Ep #15 – How to Boost Your Energy with Simple Steps

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In this interview with Shirley Srubiski, we discuss the reasons why people struggle with low energy and the simple steps we can take to boost it.  Here are the questions that were asked in the interview. Shirley is a registered kinesiologist and a fitness instructor.

1) Why do people struggle with low energy levels, especially in the new year when you are excited about your new goals?
2) People who live in the city are super busy and spend hours in traffic and commuting. Some fitness gurus say that you will have more energy when you work out, but what if people don’t even have the energy to work out after work?
3) Is it worth to work out when you don’t enjoy it?
4) What can people do physically during the day to get their energy levels up?
5) What if different people have different energy levels at different times of the day? What is the best way to use their energy?
6) How can nutrition help with boosting your energy?
7) What is the relationship between physical activity and mental health and how can energy boosters help both?

You can find out more information on Shirley at www.corekinection.com

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