Ep#5 – How to find your PASSION?

Ep#5 – How to find your PASSION?

300 300 BluntTRUTH by Sumu Sathi

Do you feel lost because you haven’t found your passion yet? OR do you have doubts about your passion? Listen to the BluntTRUTHs on this episode to get some clarity.

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Question: What is one strategy you are using to find your passion OR you have used in the past?


  • I loved this Sumu!!!
    I came across this podcast online and I agree with a lot you’ve mentioned about pursuing your passion.. Especially the part about “messages from the Universe,” and that your passion doesn’t necessarily have to do with one “specific profession.”
    I’ve never really had a passion., and it only became obvious to me recently as I’ve had lots of time to think…being a stay-at-home mother. Anyway, I’m so proud of you for doing what you love everyday. Xo!

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