Doing the right thing when no one’s looking…

When it comes to BluntTRUTH, there’s more than what meets the eye. Behind every hour I spend coaching entrepreneurs and writing blogs, I also spend giving back to my community.

Be inspired to take action. Now.

I encourage you to learn more about this area of my life. If we haven’t met in person, it will help you to put some meaning behind the random person you just met on the internet.

I hope this also empowers you to give back to your own life.

One of my initiatives is fundraising for underprivileged Tamil youth in Sri Lanka.

Here is the link for you to get more info and make a contribution if your heart wishes:

I give back to my local Toronto community.

I have a decade of hands-on experience in the social work field, which means my community in Toronto is extremely important to me.
Toronto, like any large city, has its fair share of low-to-middle income families, as well as underprivileged youth and minorities. I personally grew up in a low-to-middle income household in Toronto, so I’m deeply connected to their struggle.

I’ve partnered with big names in Toronto such as the YWCA and the University of Toronto to bring empowering, lasting changes to those who need it most through workshops and other initiatives.

You can see more about my local community work on my Instagram page.

Backstory: A Voice For Those Who Are Silent

I give back to the Tamil community in Canada and Sri Lanka.

My parents were directly affected by the civil war in my birth country, Sri Lanka. They immigrated to Canada to escape the divided war-torn country in 1996. I grew up in Toronto but still remain deeply connected to my roots.

I belong to the minority Tamil community, which has faced oppression for years. To this day, there is still a noticeable division between the Sinhalese and the Tamil community. Within our community, there are countless unheard stories that need telling. There are also many people who still feel a sense of loss and confusion after being displaced by the war.

I’m a fierce protector of the Tamil community and advocate for those who have untold stories.

The Heal & Give Back Campaign

After seeing the results of the war, I launched a “Heal & Give Back” campaign that supports Tamil diaspora and anyone else that’s been displaced by war. Unfortunately, it’s common to feel lonely, not welcomed, confused, or lost after being displaced.

I am working hard to help mitigate the negative consequences of displacement and help diaspora feel like they belong.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been working on:

  • I went back to Sri Lanka in 2017 as Leadership Facilitator to support the Tamils facing difficulties during the post-war phase. You can get a glimpse of my activism in 2009 in this Toronto Star article (
  • Facilitated workshops for community and government workers, worked with the program director to implement lasting change, provided counseling for youth and women, and helped restructure youth homes.
  • I was on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Tamil Congress.
  • Directed and produced Daughters of Eelam (2018). A documentary that tells the empowering stories of 3 resilient Tamil women.

I give back through visual arts.

Media work lights me up inside. It’s also an amazing way to deeply touch the lives of others and influence a large audience. My media career reflects my passion to give back, and you can see that clearly through some of my past projects.

  • TV host and face of Tamil Entertainment Television HD.
  • Launched my own talk show, Let’s Talk, which later became known as Speak Up with Sumu Sathi.
  • I’ve had the honor of interviewing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn, and Toronto Mayor John Tory.
  • Started my own online “lifestyle television”  Mandraa TV which highlights South Asian entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries.
  • Daughters of Eeelam (2018), a moving documentary which tells the stories of resilient Tamil women.
  • And of course, I currently run the BluntTRUTH podcast and YouTube channel.

Whether you have questions about entering the media world or are exploring using media for your own passion projects, I’m your go-to girl.

I’ve been there, done that, and as always – I’ll tell you bluntly what you need to know.

If nothing else, I hope this page has inspired you to either continue the good work you’re doing or motivate you to start giving back.

Curious about how you can donate or be a part of these missions?