Ep #16 – Top 3 Qualities a Leader Must Have

Ep #16 – Top 3 Qualities a Leader Must Have

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We explore the qualities of leaders and the common mistakes they make with Kumaran Nadesan, who is executing his extraordinary leadership skills as a Senior Business Consultant with the Government of Ontario in Canada, as Managing Director of Konnect Communication and as Founding Chair of Comdu.it.  At the end of the episode he makes an irresistible offer for individuals who are interested in leadership in public service, entrepreneurship or community work, so keep listening. An awesome discussion with full of humor and authenticity. Here are some of the questions that we discuss in this episode:

1) Why leadership became such an important role in Kumaran’s life?
2) What are some common mistakes of a leader?
3) Tell me what was a big mistake you made as a leader & what did you learn from it?
4) Is it okay to fail as a leader?
5) Now let’s talk about the qualities that you think are important that leaders should have to be an extraordinary leader?
6) Name few leaders that you look up to and why?
7) Are leaders born or made?                                                                                                    8) If someone wants to build leadership qualities, then where do you think they should start?

You can reach Kumaran at LinkedIn as knadesan or at kumaran.nadesan@gmail.com

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