Ep #18 – Managing Successful Multiple Careers & Passions

Ep #18 – Managing Successful Multiple Careers & Passions

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The millennial world is all about having multiple passions and multiple careers to keep our fast paced life interesting.  This lifestyle is fulfilling the dreams of many individuals who have multiple passions and don’t want to give up any one of them.  In this episode you will learn how this specific lifestyle can be managed well for success.  Our guest is Chanile Vines, who has multiple careers as a Wine Marketing Consultant and a Mental Health Advocate while pursuing a masters in Psychology.  I will read her impressive bio on the episode, but you can also check out more info on Vines Play. 

Here are the questions that were asked in the episode:

1) How to figure out if you have the qualities to be successful by having multiple careers.

2) How to be a successful Jack of Jill of all trades.

3) How to eliminate passions that are not meant for you.

4) How to use your diverse skills in your multiple careers.

5) Chanile’s experience in the wine industry.  She shares the opportunities and also her struggles of facing racism as a black woman.

6) How to figure out when you are pushed into something vs pulled into something

7) What are the daily habits that are important to stay successful while managing multiple careers?

8) How to create your bio when you have multiple careers or multiple passions

9) Special message for women of color who are trail blazing in multiple careers while facing racism and sexism in their industries.

If you are an individual who is struggling to find your passions, then here is an episode on How to Find Your Passion that will help you with your search.

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